Teaching our Children Compassion

compassionMore so than ever…

If anyone has been paying attention to the tumultuous situation in the US right now, we know that we urgently and most critically need to reassure and guide our children.  These are dark times, and yet there is hope. There will always be hope as long as there are those of us to light the flame in the darkness.

Without getting too political because I’m sure everyone has enough of that elsewhere, I am going to focus on ways we can as Pagan families help our children and our communities know that the world can become what we make it.


Encourage your family to volunteer. Choose whatever area or cause that fits your family. For mine, we love to spend time in nature, so volunteering to clean up a beach, a garden or create more habitat for birds and pollinators makes sense for us.   If you reach out to your local park services, schools or community parks, you can usually find programs to help you do just that.

If you are in the states, here is a good resource to get you started:  https://www.usa.gov/volunteer

There are hundreds of opportunities out there, you just have to set aside time to do them.  I suggest that you bring your children to physically participate rather than just write a check, although checks certainly have their place!  Children however (and dare I say, some adults) need hands on experience. There is something to be said about the sense of pride and accomplishment you feel after a good job well done.

This past weekend, we spent our Sunday, cleaning up and restoring a plot of land at our schools garden. The weather was awesome, not too hot, not too cold, even a few butterflies still flitted around. The girls got their hands dirty clearing weeds, debris and spreading out mulch.  I believe even a few callouses were to be had! Later they both told me how good that this made their hearts feel.  Which made my heart swell with pride.

Even if we can’t control the bigger picture, we sure can control that what is directly around us in a more positive light.


To Ourselves


During this time and of course with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season approaching.  Yes, yes, we are Pagan but even so, whether you celebrate Yule, Christmas, Hanuka (anything else I’m forgetting) or nothing at all, you’re still going to be subject to the 24-7 bombardment of merriment.  It’s everywhere! Buy now! Black November! Newest Kids toy! Most wanted! On SALE!

Ugh that stressed me out just typing that.

So during this time have compassion for YOURSELF.

Take time for you.  I know that we’ve all heard that before, and it seems impossible or guilt ridden, but do it.  Give yourself permission to step outside the stream of craziness.  Breathe. Write in your journals, participate in more ceremony, rituals and alter work, if those are your things.

Personally I’ve promised to myself to write more in my journal. It’s something I was slacking on during the past few months due to the business of life getting in my way.

Alter work and journaling, heck just sitting in stillness are my jams. They really calm my soul to be able to think in spiritual ways, the Gods, the Goddesses and intentional thinking, spell work.

So hang in there folks. Keep being kind. Teach your children to be kind. Teach them to reject the other stuff.  Teach them to be strong in this adversity, and stay safe.

Many blessings.